Hotel Leger
8304 Main Street
Mokelumne Hill, California, CA 95245, United States
+1 209 2861401

Membership Levels and Types

In designing the Preservation Society Program, there were three key considerations:

    • Affordability – participate at your own financial comfort level
    • Simplicity – the program is easy to understand and easy to use
    • Flexibility – use the various program benefits of value to YOU!

The following Membership Levels are available (Dues shown as monthly amount; all dues are payable quarterly or annually only):

  • Prospector – Our Basic Member Level, reflecting your interest in the history of the Gold Rush era, and your support of the Hotel Leger image
    • $20/Month-Single; $35/Month-Couple; $60/Month-Family
  • Miner – Our Charter Member Level, reflecting your dedication to the preservation of the Hotel Leger as a Gold Rush era icon of the region
    • $60/Month-Single; $105/Month-Couple; $180/Month-Family
  • Mother Lode – Our Premier Member Level, reflecting your devotion to the re-establishment of the Hotel Leger as a landmark cultural and event center of the Mother Lode
    • $150/Month-Single; $260/Month-Couple; $450/Month-Family

Membership (Type) is available for Individuals, Couples and Families. All memberships are 1-year term, with dues payable quarterly. A 5% discount is provided for dues paid annually by cash or check