Hotel Leger
8304 Main Street
Mokelumne Hill, California, CA 95245, United States
+1 209 2861401

As a Preservation Society Member, you will receive Purchasing Credits that exceed the total amount of your annual membership dues, according to your Membership Level and Type:

Prospector – Members receive 115% of the total annual dues in purchasing credit
Miner – Members receive 120% of the total annual dues in purchasing credit
Mother Lode – Members receive 125% of the total annual dues in purchasing credit


An individual joining at the Prospector Level pays $240 annually in dues, and receives $278 in Purchasing Credits;

A family (up to 5 persons) joining at the Miner Level pays $2,160 in dues annually, and receives $2,592 in Purchasing Credits;

A couple joining at the Mother Lode Level pays $3,160 in dues annually, and receives $3,900 in Purchasing Credits

If you are a frequent customer of The Historic Hotel Leger and/or The Whitewater Grill & Saloon, YOU CAN'T LOSE, and you will be helping to maintain our historic icon!

In addition to using your purchasing credit for hotel stays, pool passes, food and beverage, and events, the following added benefits are provided at the designated levels:

  • Room 1  t

Hotel Room Discounts for Guests

  • Prospector – 10% (excludes holidays and Courtyard Suite)
  • Miner – 15% (excludes holidays and Courtyard Suite)
  • Mother Lode – 20% (valid holidays and Courtyard Suite no more than 14 days prior to check-in date)

Additional Dining Benefits

  • Reserved Table Guarantee (Fridays and Saturdays, held until 6pm if not confirmed) – available to Mother Lode members only
  • Wine Locker Rental Priority and Discount (future benefit)
    • Mother Lode – 1st priority; 30% discount
    • Miner – 2nd priority; 20% discount
    • Prospector – 3rd priority; 10% discount
  • restaurant
  • Pool/Yard

Pool Usage Benefits

  • Season Pass Rates for All Levels-$149/single; $249/couple; $399/Family – All Season Passes Include a Food/Beverage Credit based on Membership Level:
    • Prospector - $25/single; $50/couple; $75/family
    • Miner - $40/single; $80/couple; $120/family
    • Mother Lode - $75/single; $150/couple; $225/family
  • Guest Pass Discount (Book of 5 Passes)
    • Prospector – 5%
    • Miner – 10%
    • Mother Lode – 20%

Special Events Benefits


  • Discount on Site Rental Fee for Parties
    • Prospector-10%; Miner-15%; Mother Lode-20%
  • Discount on Public Event Tickets
    • Prospector-15%; Miner-30%; Mother Lode-50%
  • Priority Invitation for Limited Seating Events
    • Mother Lode-1st; Miner-2nd; Prospector-3rd
  • special event image