Hotel Leger
8304 Main Street
Mokelumne Hill, California, CA 95245, United States
+1 209 2861401

 Is the Hotel Leger Preservation Society a non-profit organization?
No. It is a paid membership program operated by Morning Star Group Enterprises LLC (dba The Hotel Leger and The Whitewater Grill & Saloon), the owner/operator of the hotel and restaurant/saloon.

 What are the membership dues used for?
All membership dues will be used strictly for 1) capital projects to renovate the building and rooms to restore certain elements typical of the Gold Rush era architecture, and to upgrade the facilities to provide a more pleasing experience to guests; and 2) capital equipment to expand and enhance the delivery of services to guests and customers such that the hotel can become a social and economic hub of the community and of the region, as it was during the height of the Gold Rush era.

 How will members be assured that the membership dues are being spent appropriately?
The integrity of the program is of the utmost importance to both us and to our members. To ensure and provide 100% transparency, a separate account will be established specifically for program revenues and expenditures. In addition, an Advisory Board, selected by the membership, will be created to assist the hotel owners/operators with the administration and direction of the program. Also, an annual program budget will be established, based on projected income from membership dues and other sources, and quarterly reports will be provided to all members showing the financial status of the program for the prior quarter, along with projections for the following 6 months. The only indirect costs funded by membership dues will be expenses related to the marketing of the program to generate additional members, and for expenses related directly to Preservation Society events.

 How do I become a member?
Joining the Hotel Leger Preservation Society is easy. Simply fill out the membership application and select the desired membership level, indicating whether it is an individual, couple or family membership. Submit the application with your first quarterly membership dues payment, and your membership will begin. You will receive your membership information packet within 7 days.

 What is the term commitment for the program?
All membership terms run from March 1 to February 28. You will receive the full value of your purchasing credit regardless of when you join during the first year.

 Am I able to terminate my membership if I no longer wish to participate?
Yes. After the end of your first membership term, you may cancel at any time by giving written notice at least 30 days prior to the start of a membership quarter. Since you will be receiving your full purchasing credit at the beginning of each membership year (March 1), and you can use your credit at any time, your account will be reconciled upon termination and there may be a one-time charge for any program benefits provided beyond the value of your paid membership dues upon cancellation.

 How do I pay my membership dues?
Membership dues are payable quarterly on March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1. Dues may be paid by cash, check or credit card. A 5% discount is given for dues paid annually in cash or check by March 10 of each year. Although we prefer payment in cash or check to maximize the amount of funds available for direct program expenditures, automatic billing to the credit card of your choice can also be set up.

 Can I change my membership level at any time, or change the membership type (individual, couple, family)?
Yes, you may change your membership level or type by completing and submitting a new application form along with the appropriate dues for the new membership level/type. Membership adjustments will be made to your account beginning with the next membership quarter.

 How do I use my purchasing credits?
Once your membership is activated, you will receive a membership card with your membership ID number. Present this card whenever you wish to receive program benefits, and the cost will be deducted from the balance in your account. PLEASE NOTE: Initially this will be a manual process to track a member’s available benefits. A statement of your available credit balance will be mailed quarterly. In the future, we will be able to offer membership cards in the form of prepaid credit cards that can be used for all hotel services. During the interim manual processing period any usage that exceeds your available program credit balance will be charged to your card on file and you will be provided notice that your annual program credit has been

 What happens to any unused credits at the end of the membership year?
Your membership purchasing credits never expire. Any unused credits at the end of a membership year will remain in your account to be used in the future.

 How does the wine locker rental benefit work?
When wine lockers are available at The Whitewater Grill, they will be rented out on a semi-annual basis to the public. Preservation Society members have first opportunity to secure a wine locker to store their own personal wines on the premises, which will then be available to them when dining at The Whitewater Grill without having to pay a corkage fee.

? I am interested in using the swimming pool at the Hotel. How do I do that?
There are two ways to have access to use the swimming pool at the hotel. One, you can purchase individual day passes (in books of 5 tickets), for your own use or for the use of your guests. Guest pass booklets are available at a discounted price for Preservation Society members, based on your membership level. Two, you can purchase a season pass that gives you unlimited use of the pool facility during the season. The cost of a season pass is the same regardless of your membership level, but is based on the type of membership, i.e., individual, couple or family membership. Individual passes are valid for one person only and only for one day. Season passes can be purchased for one person (individual), two people (couple) or a family (3 or more, maximum of 5, all must reside at the same home address). If you purchase a season pass, any guests you bring must have a day pass, which you can buy using your Pool Pass discount.

 What is the Food & Beverage credit that comes with a Pool Season Pass?
When you purchase a Pool Season Pass, you will also receive an additional credit for food and beverage purchases. This is a separate credit that can only be used for food and beverage served in the Pool Courtyard. The amount of the credit is based on the type and level of your membership

 I would like to host a party or special event at the Hotel in one of the event rooms. What does it cost to rent an event room as a Preservation Society member?
All event facilities at The Historic Hotel Leger have an associated site fee for use of the space that is determined by the space being used and the length of time it is used. This site fee allows the Hotel to take care of all costs associated with the use of a room at the hotel for an event, including setup and breakdown of tables and chairs, cleaning of the room after the event, increased cost of utilities due to guests, and replacement of furnishings and equipment over time due to wear and tear, such as carpeting, flooring, tables and chairs.

As a Preservation Society member, when you rent an event space as the event host, you will receive a discount on the standard site fee that varies depending on your membership level. The cost of the discounted site fee does not count against your membership purchasing credit, unless you want to use part of your credit to pay for the site fee.

Yes. The Historic Hotel Leger puts on many different events throughout the year, many of which are open to the public, and some of which may be open only to Preservation Society members. For public events, members will receive a discount on the public ticket price based on your membership level. For events that are member-only and have limited seating, members will be invited based on priority in accordance with their membership level. Mother Lode members receive the first opportunity to secure a ticket to a limited seating event, Miner level members have second opportunity, and Prospector level members have third opportunity, before tickets are made available to the general public.

 How does the Reserved Table Guarantee work for Mother Lode members?
We recognize that many of our customers of The Whitewater Grill & Saloon enjoy dining with us frequently. Many of you have preferred day(s) and time(s) for seating in the restaurant. As the restaurant becomes more popular, we want to ensure that our most loyal customers are able to be seated without waiting on the busiest days. With the Reserved Table Guarantee benefit, Mother Lode level members may reserve a specific table in the front dining room, the back dining room, or on the balcony for a specific day (Friday or Saturday only at this time) and a specific time. That table will then be reserved for you for a 90-minute dining period on a standing basis. The table will be held until 6pm on the day of the reservation, at which time it will be released to the general public if we do not hear from you that you intend to use your reserved time slot.

If you have any questions that are not answered above, please contact us at (209) 286-1401 and we get you the answer(s)!