Letters from our Guests

December 2008

We stayed at the very creepy Hotel Leger this past December. You may remember us as the group of 4 younger guests and the ones who checked out about 3 hours after we had checked in. We had all took about two weeks of vacation road tripping up and down the California coast staying at the said-to-be most haunted hotels inside the most haunted rooms in celebrating my sister's 18th birthday. We really planned out which hotels were the most haunted according to online websites and forums. We barely came across Hotel Leger when looking online; only about a sentence or two was published on a website. Hotel Leger was one of our last stops in our haunted exhibition and no other hotel on our list convinced us that ghost were real.

Well, we were the only guests there that night and we had reserved rooms 2 & 7. We arrived pretty late that night, around 9 or 10pm and immediately felt that the whole surrounding area was very creepy yet the hotel was very warm and nice inside the bar area. Once we had brought our luggage upstairs we noticed both of our rooms were pretty distant and we decided to switch out room 7 for room 1. We walked down stairs and had dinner then we went back up and changed in to our pajamas and decided to start playing the Ouija board (which we brought with us the whole trip). Ghost hunting and paranormal activity interests me and my sister, but our boyfriends who were with us of course don't exactly believe in it. We turned off all the lights and still nothing happened. Meanwhile, the entire time we were there, everyone had a really odd feeling about the entire situation of us being the only guest in the little town of Mokelumne Hill and the weird vibe the hotel itself was giving us. After being fed up and unconvinced that the hotel was really haunted, we went to try playing the Ouija board again, this time in room 1. We shut off the lights and had the fireplace going. We sat around the coffee table and started playing. It's known that if you take pictures of haunted locations with a digital camera, you can sometimes see "orbs", so we were snapping pictures the whole time. The board game started working very slowly once we were in room 1. When my boyfriend put down the camera, that's when the board started moving more quickly. This is when it gets scary, within about 3 minutes of my sister and I playing, the board spelt " LAVE NOW" and a burst of fire had rose up dramatically from the fireplace and stayed up for about a minute or two. Now, most people would say after reading this that it was probably a spark, or wood normally does this from time to time. NO, THIS WAS NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. Yes, "Leave" was misspelled, but of course we knew what it meant lol. We all toppled on each other to the loveseat closest to the wall in pure fear. One of the guys and I then heard the sound of a door upstairs closing, again no other guest were there that night. After a few seconds of realizing what had happened, I and my sister continued to use the Ouija board. With our hands shaking, we asked, "Was that you who made the fire go up?" It replied with "yes". We then asked, “Can you give us some time to pack our bags and leave?" again the board spelt "yes". So without hesitation, we all stuck together and first packed up our stuff in room 1 then went on to room 2 and gathered everything in there as well. We rushed downstairs and just in time we saw the rest of the hotel staff walking out the door getting ready to leave for the night. Very strange coincidence. Everyone was shaken yet the hotel staff listened as if they'd heard the story before and it was nothing out of the ordinary for them.

After realizing what had really happened, my sister and I were extremely upset that we didn't stay longer but we couldn't convince the guys to go back in.

We ended up driving down a few miles to the closest town and the first normal hotel that we saw we went in to check availability. With our luck, the hotel clerk told us that hotel was haunted as well due to the paranormal investigators that use the conference room after investigating hotels like Hotel Leger! So we went across the street and ended up staying at some shabby little motel.

Me and my sister, as well as our mom plan on coming and visiting the Hotel Leger again, very soon. Unforttunately the guys will never step in that town again, but I and my sister can't wait to go back and actually spend the whole night. Our mom is so excited and we all can't wait to see what else we experience from this very haunted hotel! It sounds like we had a bad time but all in all this is what we wanted to get out of our whole vacation, and we were very pleased to convince the boys that haunted places do exist.

Can't wait to come back,
Kali, Jenn, Rich, and Josh

January. 29, 2006


First of all, we just wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable stay with you. The atmosphere was very laid back and welcoming and the staff made you feel very comfortable. For my wife's birthday, she wanted to stay in a "haunted hotel." As family, we like to visit historical and haunted places. We read about the Hotel Leger in the book "Gold Rush Ghosts" and decided to stop by while we searched different places in the area. My wife was in there for five minutes and decided that this is where she wanted to stay. During our stay several strange and interesting things happened.

1. My suede slippers were under the bed. When I went to put them on, they were wet inside. No water on the floor or on the outside of the shoes. The wetness went totally around the inside, not just on the soles.

2. My daughter quite often, through out the night, felt something tickling the bottom of her foot.

3. After we started to settle into the room, a penny hit and rolled across the floor in room 11 and the next day it was a nickel.

4. As we were getting ready to leave, we could not find my older son's shoe. We tore through both rooms 11 and 12, under and on the beds, in the bathroom, under and behind the furniture, no shoe. My wife said something to the effect of "We appreciate your sense of humor but we really have to go. Would you please give us back the shoe." I turned to look at her as if she was crazy when I saw the shoe in the middle of the floor in room 12. I had just looked there before she said that and that shoe was not there.
5. My daughter got two pictures of orbs in the rooms. (below)

I, myself, am not a true believer in ghosts, although not a skeptic, I do know that except for the tickling, these things did happen. The whole family is looking forward to a return trip along with my grandmother who was very excited about our story.

Again, thank you for a pleasant weekend,

Russ Aquino

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